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Digital Camera Solution - i BIQ


i-BIQ improves image quality and gives customers astonishment with vivid and vibrant colors.

  • Short-term Tuning

  • Natural Exposure Compensation

    Respond to unexpected situations
    such as rapid brightness change
    with fast exposure control.

  • Vivid Color Reproduction

    High-precision light source
    estimation and color correction
    through machine learning.

  • Customize

    Color space rearrangement system
    that realizes detailed color correction.

  • Generic Library

    Corresponds to the Qualcomm Platform.

  • Flexible Picture
    Quality Adjustment

    Tuning that maximizes the
    performance of each part
    such as lens, sensor, and ISP.

Imaging Technology

We provide solutions for high definition in various camera image processing fields, and perform integrated development of image processing pipelines including lenses, image sensors, and image single processors (ISPs).

  • #Short-term Tuning
  • #Soft Exposure Compensation
  • #Vivid Color Reproduction
  • #Customize
  • #Universal Library
  • #Flexible Picture Quality Adjustment

01AE (Auto Exposure)

It expresses high-speed processing that does not miss
the perfect shot and exposure closer to the human eye.

HDR(High Dynamic Range) Control

Scene Detection

Fast Convergence Rate

High Performance Flicker Removal

02AWB(Auto White Balance)

Producing vivid colors with high-precision light source
evaluation and scene detection.

Color reproduction like that of the human eye.

Light source estimation using machine learning.

Specific color correction through proprietary algorithm
(Patent Applied).

03Shading Correction

Compensates for differences in color and brightness caused by
lens performance or image sensor’s light-gathering performance.

Responding to uneven light-gathering performance of image sensors.

Lens distortion

Compatible with thin and inexpensive lenses.

04Tuning Solution

We can bring out the maximum performance of each device,
including lens, sensor, and ISP, and provide a solution
for efficient tuning within a short period of time.

Bring out the maximum performance of the device.

BrycenKorea’s explicit quality standards.

05Original Image Adjustment and
Processing Software Library




i-BIQ CRS (Color rearrangement system)

Image stitching for 360 cameras

Object detection for FA

Medical imaging diagnosis system

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