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Image Quality Verification & Evaluation

Total Consulting Service Support for Building the Best Test Environment

01Total Consulting Service Provision

BrycenKorea provides consulting on solutions that can handle
various image quality test issues of customers.

We provide total consulting services for image quality evaluation tailored to customer needs by providing custom light source devices and all kinds of test targets.

02Establishment of environment for
quality evaluation

BrycenKorea tests cameras used in digital cameras,
mobiles, CCTVs, automobiles, drones, satellites, etc.

We will support you with our fully equipped test lab, to evaluate your camera and suggest improvement measures to speed up the imaging device development process, since external factors such as light, temperature, and humidity can affect the test results in camera tests.

03Quality Evaluation Service Provision
(with reports)

All measurements are perf

In addition, we will provide the best results based on the various experiences and knowledge of the best engineers in the industry.

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