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Image Quality Tuning

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- We have independent know-how through many experiences in ISP tuning with domestic and foreign global companies
- Industry-leading picture quality and short-term tuning are available.
- Customization is possible according to customer’s request.
-We are capable of developing digital camera control IPs (AWB, AE, LSC, Flash light control, Gamma control, preferred color adjustment, etc.).

Mobiles Automotive, Surveillance, Glasses
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Still image : ZSL, Burst mode
Video: Slow Motion, Panorama, Video HDR
Multi camera: Wide Angle, Tele, Fish Eye
Night Mode, Landscape, Portrait, etc.

Factory calibration support

Differentiated Technology

General Method
General Method

A color chart or a person with a specific color is photographed
at the standard color temperature (6500K, 5500K, etc.) and compared with the actual color, and the color reproduction coefficient is designed using white balance gain, color correction gain, and preferred color correction algorithm. However, it is difficult to satisfy various environments or subjects due to the lack of standard parameters (color chart or number of people).

BrycenKorea Method
BrycenKorea Method

A color chart or a specific person is photographed under the standard color temperature environment, and the skin color of the person photographed is classified based on the database of skin color according to race/gender/age accumulated by the company and registered as a representative skin color in the color space. This has the effect of dramatically increasing the standard parameter, and suppress the distortion that can occur in various environments or subjects.

Digital Camera Control IP

  • AWB

    It is easy to understand by using the R/G and B/G color spaces commonly used in the industry, and it is
    characterized by a high degree of freedom as it is possible to control the gain for each color temperature and
    luminance of the color space. In addition, the degree of light source estimation has been improved by analyzing
    the color change of the subject according to the specular reflection component that was not previously available.

  • LSC

    It is an IP to suppress the color shading phenomenon that mainly occurs in small lens modules, and uses a lens
    shading correction table by estimating infrared content and a method of extracting and correcting color shading components through subject analysis.

  • Preferred Color Adjustment

    IP for adjusting a specific preferred color in the Yuv color space includes a function that rearranges the
    color space so that it is naturally connected without missing a specific color in the color space even if
    the specific preferred color is adjusted.

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