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Smart City

BrycenKorea provides an environment in which city data
can be analyzed and utilized in order to present innovative city services to citizens.

  • Creation of citizen participation type data ecosystem

    Collect, analyze, and reflect the city services and complaints that citizens want.

    Building an environment to analyze city data and develop new services.

  • Integrated Management of City Data

    Integrated Management of City Data

    Establish data standards and establish systems to improve data quality.

  • Linkage with existing City Infrastructure

    Securing interoperability by linking data of other local governments and various public institutions.

  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)


    AI lowlight environment improvement

    AI Road Hazardous Material Management

  • Culture and Shopping


    Smart Payment System

    Local Currency Service

    Smart Signage

  • Healthcare


    Smart Signage

    Telemedicine Service

    Health Status Monitoring

  • Education


    Education LMS CMS Platform

    Smart Classroom

    New IT Technology Support

  • City Management


    GIS (Geographical Information System)

    Commercial Data Analysis

    Integration of Local Government Information

    Urban Integrated Operation Center

  • Disaster Safety Service


    Forest fire object (smoke, flame) detection platform

    Abnormal Behavior Detection

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