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Web Development

We build an integrated development environment that supp

Respond to various frameworks.arrow_forward_ios

It can respond to various frameworks, and development is performed by conducting feasibility studies and customizing for the application of standard frameworks.

Building a system that is easy to expand and maintain.arrow_forward_ios

As an infrastructure that enables software components to operate, it is a structured architecture that can be reused in multiple applications. Through the application of the framework, it builds a system that improves development productivity, guarantees performance/quality,
and facilitates system expansion and maintenance.

Program Modularizationarrow_forward_ios

The development environment is established by dividing the system, and all developed programs are modularized and implemented for
each unit task and provided. The system is designed so that the operator can easily understand it, and the system is built by considering
addition and scalability and utilizing existing SW solutions in conjunction.

Compliance with web standardsarrow_forward_ios

Web standards are complied with during web development, cross-browsing is supported by securing web compatibility,
and services are equally supported in various browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Web Development

  • Group of project experts (specialists)

    BrycenKorea is a group of web development experts with a lot of technology and experience.

  • Service Planning Capability

    We identify and analyze the needs of customers who use our services, and plan services that fit them.

  • Differentiation of Perspective

    We provide the best condition by designing UX and UI that suits the user’s needs and situation.

  • Project development capability

    Based on our own development methodology and accumulated technology, we always comply with the system requested by the user and delivery date through our own schedule management.

  • Project Management Competence

    We provide standard guides for each step to help ensure development productivity, quality assurance, and stable service operation.

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