Providing services to various platforms with accumulated technology and know-how

Image Quality Tuning

Various ISP tuning for various applications
Image Quality Tuning using supporting technology

Digital Camera Solution I-BIQ

Digital camera solution i-BIQ integrates fast exposure control, high-accuracy light source estimation and color correction through machine learning, and color space rearrangement system technology.

System Engineering Service

System engineering service through convergence of camera sensor and image processing technology with embedded system.

Image Quality Verification

Quality evaluation and total consulting service that deal with quality test issues of various images.

Web Development

Web and application development services considering all necessary factors, including web standards, accessibility, and compatibility.

AI Big Data

Optimal AI big data services based on SW engineering accumulated in various industries and large-scale businesses.

Smart City

Innovative smart city services by converging smart servers in various fields that make up a city, such as mobility, healthcare, and education.

Smart Warehouse Management

Effective business operation and high-quality services through a smart logistics platform through the combination of IoT and new technologies using the company’s logistics management solution.