We seek talents who will lead new IT technologies.

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Why BKR?

BrycenKorea supports the growth of its members.

BrycenKorea recruits talented people to lead camera ISP and DX, and supports the growth of members
by providing new IT technology and personalized training. Based on various technology/industry/work experience,
you can grow into the best DX elite expert.

BrycenKorea Ideal Talent

  • Communication


    Those who can find the value of communication
    to open the future of BrycenKorea together through communication and collaboration with the surroundings with an open mind.

  • Professionalism


    Those who can demonstrate their capabilities by conducting research on their own to become
    a top-notch expert in their field.

  • Challenge


    Those who do not stop at what they see and hear, and think creatively to create technologies and services that do not exist in the world.

  • Responsibility


    Those who push ahead with conviction,
    even under harsh conditions, and can perform
    a given task with passion.

BrycenKorea Personnel Principles

  • Individual creativity and value creation

    To create corporate value, we respect individual creativity and autonomy, and establish and operate the necessary requirements and procedures for value creation.

  • Compensation based on performance

    Evaluate realized achievements fairly, and provide rewards and opportunities according to individual and organizational contributions.

  • Fairness and Equal Opportunity

    Promote work without discrimination in opportunities by providing fair opportunities considering ability and aptitude.

BrycenKorea Duty Introduction

Digital Camera Quality Design

We provide B2B service of Camera ISP (Image Signal Processor). Based on our proprietary image processing design technology,
we have an unrivaled reputation in the industry thanks to more than 10 years of collaboration with customers who are leading
the global mobile industry, and we always receive a lot of support from our customers with high satisfaction with the results.

In the present era as well as in the future IoT business market, small cameras are going to be everywhere. In order to get a good-looking picture as a result of this camera, a lot of H/W and S/W post-processing must be performed after the light enters the sensor, as shown below.
It is very difficult to nurture engineers who can freely control the post-processing process in a short period of time, and even those who have joined large companies often do not have a systematic training system accumulated in the company, which puts a sudden brake on their growth.

However, we are a company that has enough know-how accumulated through development in collaboration
with leading companies at the forefront of mobile phone camera development for more than 10 years.

AE/AWB/NREE(Pipeline) Mobile Camera - Image Quality Tuning Engineeringarrow_forward_ios

- Mobile (Cellphone) camera system development work
- Android platform, Image Signal Processor
- Digital camera system
- Embedded & RTOS system
- Auto-Exposure algorithm technology
- Technical support for customer.
- Integration & migration
- Camera system test & certification / verification

AE(Auto Exposure) Positionarrow_forward_ios
The field of controlling the brightness of camera-photographed images

Specifically, you are given the task of analyzing, interpreting, identifying problems, preparing solutions, and reflecting them on the camera
in the field of image ‘brightness & contrast’ of the client’s darkroom specifications and actual image, by controlling AE Calibration / Shutter Speed & ISO/ Metering/ Luma Target/ HDR/ Gamma functions, etc.

AWB(Auto White Balance) Positionarrow_forward_ios
A field that controls the color of camera-photographed images

Specifically, you are given the task of analyzing, interpreting, identifying problems, preparing solutions, and reflecting them on the camera
in the field of image ‘color & saturation’ of the client’s darkroom specifications and actual image environment, by controlling
AWB calibration / RGB Stats / Color Temperature / White Boundary / CCM / UV Transform functions, etc.

AF(Auto Focus) Positionarrow_forward_ios
A field that automatically controls the focus of camera-photographed images.

You are given the task of analyzing, interpreting, identifying problems, preparing solutions, and reflecting them on the camera.

NREE (Noise Reduction & Edge Enhancement Position)arrow_forward_ios
The field of controlling the noise and sharpness of camera-photographed images

Specifically, you are given the task of analyzing, interpreting, identifying problems, preparing solutions, and reflecting them on the camera
in the field of image ‘noise & sharpness’ of the client’s darkroom specifications and real-time environment, by controlling
the Low Pass Filter / High Pass Filter / Bad Pixel Correction / Chroma Aberration Correction functions, etc.

Embedded SW Developmentarrow_forward_ios

Tasks of product SW design, development and management, supervision/quality inspection and test automation establishment, infrastructure establishment and maintenance support in the field of product embedded SW and product interlocking (service type) SW.

Digital Transformation


Architecture Position

Business Architecture

Task of creating new businesses and proposing business architecture models through leading customers based on understanding of business models, business processes, functions, and data structures.

Software Architecture

Task of establishing a SW development strategy and designing SW components and relationships
between them, so that project members can build applications with a common vision.

Data Architecture

Task of analyzing data requirements, presenting data architecture design principles and standards,
leading integrated data modeling, and systematically building the entire data from an integrated
point of view so that optimal database quality can be maintained.

Web Development Position

Web/Application Development

The task of designing and developing/testing/integrating software using modeling techniques
according to the results of system analysis and the defined software architecture.

Web/Application Operation

The task of developing and changing programs to improve system performance and functions
to provide stable service of the customer’s business system.

Web Information Protection

The task of protecting information assets from various information infringements and leakage
accidents of information assets, and selecting, suggesting, planning, and implementing
security solutions that require the client’s ICT security status.

AI Big Data Position

Analyze and verify the latest AI/deep learning algorithms to lighten and optimize them.

Design and build/operate an AI model suitable for the customer’s business environment.

Provide unstructured data-based AI services that incorporate technologies such as data, AI, and cloud.

Reduce defect rate and improve logistics sorting efficiency through AI vision service of smart logistics process.

Build a super-large language AI model learned from large amounts of data and conduct research and development tasks for field application.

Conduct mid- to long-term leading AI technology research & development tasks for AI Tech Transfer.

PJT Management Position

PJT Business Management

The task of controlling/managing project progress, such as establishing an execution plan for project scope, time, cost, and quality, and procuring internal/external resources accordingly.

Quote Management

The task of calculating the optimal cost through historical data-based quotation simulation and leading to project award decision-making, for the purpose of establishing a reliable project cost by project type.

Business Development

Business Development Position

The task of discovering new businesses through customer and market analysis and laying the groundwork for business execution.

Product Planning/Management

The task of securing and continuously managing the competitiveness of products throughout the entire life cycle related to products, from product planning to development and operation.


Establish marketing strategies and implementation tasks, such as domestic and foreign market discovery, pricing for each service line, and sales channel strategy.

The task of supporting and managing the work of sales and execution teams.


The task of discovering new businesses that fit the management strategy, setting goals,
and carrying out sales activities by utilizing optimal resources for this purpose.

R&D Position

Research Planning

The task of establishing mid-term technology strategy and technology securing strategy,
reviewing processes necessary for R&D, and managing necessary technologies and patents by operating
company-wide meetings.

Research and Development

The task of connecting products and services that reflect new technologies to business,
and establishing mid- to long-term technology securing strategies based on market trends
along with management and technology strategies.

Solution Development

The task of developing new service models based on understanding of solution technologies
and market trends, building related systems, and consulting.